Mary Vygantas and Monika Sabalis

Phil Raices exceeded all our expectations in renting our apartment. HIs clients must be numerous, based on how many showings there were and how quickly they occurred. Because of this, we ended up renting (our apartment) to a wonderful tenant who fit our needs perfectly. We ran into a few issues that were our responsbility to address. Phil expedited solutions based on his many longstanding contacts in the community. We didn’t expect it, but Phil made calls on our behalf, put us in touch with (the right helpful) people. We would not have been able to rent our apartment as quickly without his help. Phil did not stand to get a very large commission in helping us, yet we felt we were important to him. We felt he cared to understand and respect our wishes. He was patient with us, courteous and kind, which is not always the case these days. (It seems) the way he treated us is based on an excellent work ethic and overall positive personality. Thank you Phil, you really did right by us! We appreciate you!