2/19/2015 Phil Raices is the best realtor I have ever met and with whom I had the pleasure to work. Phil sold my parents house back in 1996, when no other realtor would touch it. He came in and helped them clean up the house, got it ready for showing, gave emotional support, and sold their house. When it came time to sell my house in 2014, (knowing how terrific Phil was, but being swayed by friends who said to go with a realtor who had a great closing record),I went with the other realtor. What a mistake! She did anything but sell my house for me, she didn’t give me great advice, and when I realized she wasn’t working for me, I switched to Phil Raices. What a smart move on my part, albeit a little later than it should’ve been. Phil came in, priced my house at the correct amount, gave me the emotional support I certainly needed by then, and sold my house! I’m just sorry I didn’t have him sell my house in the first place, because it certainly would have sold months before it did. All I can say is that hindsight is 20/20. Based on the experience I went through, I would advise everyone looking for a realtor, to call Phil Raices first!!!